Want to rent a home? How to best present yourself as an applicant!

First aid for renting, Home Invest Belgium’s tips

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Don’t miss your chance… make sure you apply right away after finding a flat or house that suits you perfectly and falls within your budget. Alyssa Meyers, Sales & Letting Agent at Home Invest Belgium provides some tips.


Submit your application…

‘Be yourself and make sure you stand out,’ says our Sales & Letting Agent Allyssa. ‘Of course, make sure you include the most important information in your cover letter. This includes your name, age, family situation, and financial situation. Make sure you also add a personal statement, an explanation with some more information about your family, why you see yourself living there…’

"When you apply to rent a house, you will probably be asked for a copy of your identity card and documents proving your current income. However, never share information about the source of your income."

The landlord will probably also ask you for a copy of your identity card and documents proving your current income. They do so to ensure that the tenant can pay the rent every month. Note: requesting your source of income is not permitted. If a landlord asks, you should not divulge anything.

… and sign the agreement

Have you and the landlord agreed on the rent? Then make sure you thoroughly read the rental agreement and that it is signed before you start assuming you have a new home.

‘When reading the contract, make sure all agreements made are included, such as which insurance policies you must have, when and how you must pay the rent, and whether pets are allowed,’ says Allyssa.

"Read the rental agreement thoroughly. Double-check the agreement duration, rental price, security deposit, additional costs, and address."

The rental agreement must also state the agreement duration, rental price, security deposit, additional costs, and address. So be sure to double-check these details.

When you sign the contract, you must also pay the deposit and have an inventory of fixtures drawn up. This is carried out by an expert, both on entry and on departure.

Agreement signed, security deposit all arranged, and ready to move in? Before you can move into your new home, there are a few last things to be taken care of. Curious about what else is involved in renting? Read about it here in our other articles.


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Determine your rental budget

Do you want to rent an apartment or house? When you start looking for your ideal home, it’s important to keep your available budget in mind. To find this out, you need to know what costs are involved in renting. Allyssa Meyers, Sales & Letting Agent at Home Invest Belgium, will be happy to give you a few tips to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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